Brazilian beef exports have the best monthly result in history

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Brazilian beef exports closed October with record sales and shipped volumes. According to data from the Secretariat of Foreign Trade (Secex), released by the Brazilian Beef Exporters Association (ABIEC), the volume exported in October was 185,537 tonnes, a 15% growth over the same period last year. The result represents the largest monthly volume ever shipped by the country and the highest revenue in a single month. In terms of revenues, the month ended with revenues of USD 808.4 million, 30% above the same month in 2018. Compared to September, October results show a 33% increase in revenues and 28% in volume shipped.
When looking at the accumulated of the year the result is also positive. From January to October 2019, 1,463,922 tonnes of beef were exported, with revenues of USD 5.776 billion, a 9.9% and 7.5% growth, respectively compared to the same period last year. “The results show the consolidation of Brazilian beef in the main international markets,” explains Abiec’s president, Mr. Antonio Jorge Camardelli.
One of the main aspects of these results is the increase in exports to China, which in October totaled 65,827 tonnes, almost 62% growth over the previous month. When looking at the types of products, fresh meat sales increased 29.4% compared to September, totaling 160,099 tonnes.