Beef raised in Brazil stood out at SIAL Paris: the Brazilian Beef booth attracted visitors from all over the world

This partnership between ApexBrasil and Abiec promoted the quality and sustainability of Brazil’s beef for the international market

The Brazilian Beef Exporters’ Association (ABIEC) has taken part in one of the world’s major food-industry events, Sial Paris 2022. The event was held from October 15th to 19th, and the Association’s member companies turned out in force. The action to promote the Brazilian Beef project was carried out jointly by ABIEC and its partner, Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), to raise awareness of the brand, which informs the international market about the beef raised in Brazil.

ABIEC member companies made their presence felt at Sial, which was the first major European trade fair to be held after the lifting of the health restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to these associates, trade transactions have increased, and they were fundamental in strengthening renewed links with interlocutor clients from a wide range of countries. ABIEC’s CEO, Antonio Jorge Camardelli, believes that Sial Paris 2022 was an excellent opportunity to underscore the safety and sustainability of Brazilian beef for the international market for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. “Sial Paris brought together the best of the food industry, enabling companies to connect with a wide range of countries, in the two years since the pandemic began. For this reason the event has been extremely important by allowing us to spend this time together and meet face-to-face once again”.

The Brazilian Beef Booth was one of the busiest at the show. Measuring 990 square meters, the setting was designed in order to promote Brazil’s beef; it welcomed visitors who were keen to receive information on our national production. Inside the booth, data was presented on the sustainability of Brazilian beef, enabling visitors to better understand how the country’s production chain works, and the major technological advances in the industry over recent years. It was not all about information, however: visitors were able to enjoy a traditional Brazilian churrasco and taste for themselves the quality and flavor of Brazilian beef. More than one tonne of beef was served over the five days of the fair.


About ABIEC –

Founded in 1979, the Brazilian Beef Exporters’ Association (ABIEC) represents 39 beef-industry companies in Brazil, which together account for 97% of the beef sold to international markets. It was set up in order to make Brazil’s beef exporting industry more active, by defending its interests, and by boosting efforts to bring down trade barriers and promote Brazilian products. Brazil currently produces approximately 10 million tonnes of beef, about 26.1% of which is traded with dozens of countries worldwide, and production complies with the strictest standards of quality. Over the last decade Brazil has seen the value of its exports grow by 135%.

About the Brazilian Beef Project

The sectoral project ‘Brazilian Beef’ was begun in 2001 as a partnership between ApexBrasil and ABIEC; its goal is to strengthen the image of beef produced in Brazil, by improving the perception of its quality among importing countries and thus extending Brazil’s participation in the world market for beef and other meats. Nine projects have been signed over 18 years, with investments totaling upwards of R$60 million and with export volumes growing by more than 500%.

About ApexBrasil

Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) strives to promote Brazilian goods and services overseas and attract inbound foreign investment for strategic sectors of Brazil’s economy. In order to achieve its objectives, ApexBrasil carries out a range of trade promotion initiatives to add value to and boost Brazilian goods and services abroad, such as prospective and trade missions, business rounds, support for Brazilian companies that are taking part in major international trade fairs, and helping international purchasers and opinion leaders to come and visit Brazil’s productive structure, and it is present on business platforms that aim to strengthen the Brazil brand.



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