Brazil promotes the quality of its beef at Anuga

Over 70,000 visitors from 169 countries were able to see how the Brazilian Beef project has
encouraged innovation and sustainability in Brazil’s livestock-raising industry

The Brazilian Beef Exporters’ Association (ABIEC), in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Promoting Exports and Investments (Apex-Brasil), promoted the Brazilian Beef project at the 2021 edition of Anuga, one of the world’s leading food-industry events. The Fair was staged in Cologne, Germany, and brought together more than 70,000 visitors from 169 countries, with the participation of 4,600 companies from 98 countries.

Over the Fair’s five days, ABIEC members traded US$ 4.5 million in business volume, with the prospect of closing new contracts worth from US$ 35 million to US$ 60 million in the coming 12 months. “These figures show that Brazil’s beef is highly in demand around the entire world, and this is due to the beef industry’s advanced technical standards for producing top-quality, sustainable beef,” says ABIEC president, Antônio Jorge Camardelli.

Sustainability was in fact one of the stand-out themes of the Brazilian Beef booth, which introduced visitors to the Sustainability Route, an additional area of 231 square meters, in which visitors could view the actions, protocols and commitments of Brazil’s livestock industry in following the strictest standards of food safety and sustainable production. For example, output has grown by 159% in the last 30 years, with a 122% rise in the production of meat without any need to extend new grazing areas; pasturage in fact shrank over the period by 13.6% to 165.2 million hectares in 2020. Livestock technology advances have protected a total area of 280.2 million hectares, land which was thus spared from deforestation. Such issues as the livestock industry’s water footprint, respect for Permanent Preservation Areas and Legal Reserves, and the target of a 43% reduction in total CO2 emissions by 2030, to which Brazil has signed up, were also presented.

Europe is one of the most important markets for Brazilian beef. In 2020 alone, consignments of meat to the bloc accounted for 6.24% of total exports by volume. Last year Brazil exported 170,200 tonnes of meat to Europe, generating revenues of US$ 420.5 million. From January to September this year, consignments shipped to Europe came to 69,745 tonnes, representing revenues of US$ 443.4 million.


About ABIEC –

Founded in 1979, the Brazilian Beef Exporters’ Association (ABIEC) represents 39 beef-industry companies in Brazil, which together account for 97% of the beef sold to international markets. It was set up in order to make Brazil’s beef exporting industry more active, by defending its interests, and by boosting efforts to bring down trade barriers and promote Brazilian products. Brazil currently produces approximately 10 million tonnes of beef, about 26.1% of which is traded with dozens of countries worldwide, and production complies with the strictest standards of quality. Over the last decade Brazil has seen the value of its exports grow by 135%.


About the Brazilian Beef Project

The sectoral project ‘Brazilian Beef’ was begun in 2001 as a partnership between Apex-Brasil and ABIEC; its goal is to strengthen the image of beef produced in Brazil, by improving the perception of its quality among importing countries and thus extending Brazil’s participation in the world market for beef and other meats. Nine projects have been signed over 18 years, with investments totaling upwards of R$60 million and with export volumes growing by more than 500%.

About Apex-Brazil
Brazil’s Agency for Promoting Exports and Investments (Apex-Brasil) strives to promote Brazilian goods and services overseas and attract inbound foreign investment for strategic sectors of Brazil’s economy. In order to achieve its objectives, Apex-Brazil carries out a range of trade promotion initiatives to add value to and boost Brazilian goods and services abroad, such as prospective and trade missions, business rounds, support for Brazilian companies that are taking part in major international trade fairs, and helping international purchasers and opinion leaders to come and visit Brazil's productive structure, and it is present on business platforms that aim to strengthen the Brazil brand.


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